Wholesale Cabinets: Contractors, Gain A Competitive Advantage With Our Cabinets

Contractors, Choose the Right Wholesale Cabinet Partner

Published : 08/09/2017 14:46:19
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The kitchen and bathroom remodeling business is pretty competitive. Some might argue that it is darn right ugly out there. So, how do you create competitive advantage for yourself? One of the best ways is to partner with Denver Cabinet Express — more on that later. Here are some other important considerations.

Have a Strategy

You’ve risen up through the home remodeling ranks, you became a contractor through hardwork and perseverance, and you’re building a successful company. And, you really don’t need a strategy if you want to just stay in business. You do need one if you want to do more jobs, more efficiently, with higher profit margins, and have happier customers who turn into references and repeat customers.

You wouldn’t have gone into this business without knowing the basics which include, sometimes squeaky profit margins, a lot of risk, a lot of capital investment, and the potential to build a thriving, sustainable, long-term business with the potential for very large returns.

When you are developing your strategy consider these things:

Who are your partners? Are they serving you well? Is it worthwhile putting in a bit more effort to improve on those relationships or building new ones? If you don’t have good relationships with your suppliers and other partners, you’re always going to be at a competitive disadvantage.

One partner you should definitely be working with is Denver Cabinet Express. Our high-quality, wholesale cabinets are going to beat anything you can get at the home supply warehouses. And, our business model allows ust to deliver a huge selection of styles and colors on-demand. When you are working with us, it is easy to keep samples on hand at all times, which will give your customers, and potential customers, confidence that you are prepared and ready to deliver on your promises.

Know Your Customers

It is tempting to try to be all things to all people. But that’s not sustainable. Take a serious look at why you got into the business, what types of customers you enjoy working with, what kinds of projects your infrastructure is best suited for — including your employees and partners — and let those things guide your positioning in the market. You won’t succeed if you’re trying to be the area’s high-end luxury kitchen remodeler, and the choice for flippers or people who are doing a quick remodel before they put their house on the market. You’ll end up with either over-qualified and overpaid team members, or you’ll put people with basic skills into situations they aren’t prepared to handle. Both of those situations are likely to end with unhappy customers and lower profits.

Run the Best Business

Whether you are building your business around working with consumers, or you’re developing relationships with builders who are going to be your primary source of new business, you need to be the best at what you do. And, that means more than delivering high-quality product.

You’ve got to consider cost-containment as part of every decision you make. Builders invest in relationships with contractors who deliver quality work, on time and at the best price possible. By learning how to control your costs, you’re going to gain the competitive advantage you need. Getting really good at managing cash flow is one of the most important things you can do. If you get really good at managing cash and avoiding debt, those things can make you more money than squeezing in an extra job every quarter to make ends meet.

Another great way to control costs is to work with Denver Cabinet Express. Our wholesale cabinets can’t be beat for quality or price. We’ve perfected the strategies we’re recommending to you in this article. So, we know we won’t be beat.

Get Your Team on Board

If you’re committed to high quality, cost containment, and excellent customer service, but the teams working on your job sites don’t share your values, you aren’t going to get very far. Customers hire you because they believe you when you say that you value those things. But, actions speak louder than words. And, they are going to see how your crew acts on the job site every day.

Give Denver Cabinet Express a call today. Let’s talk about how a partnership can help your contracting business thrive, and give you the competitive advantage you need in this dog-eat-dog  market.

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