Do You Speak Kitchen Cabinetry?

Published : 03/09/2018 10:00:54
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If you’re a contractor in the new home construction industry, then you likely have cabinet wholesalers that you trust, perhaps it’s even us at Denver Cabinet Express! Our kitchen cabinet outlet boasts a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials for you to make the kitchen a focal point of the home. But, as you’re speaking the cabinet language to your clients, they may have a glossed look like they have no idea what you’re speaking of! While all the details and designs make perfect sense to you, explaining them may be more difficult. Follow along for for an in-depth education for speaking and communicating kitchen cabinetry to your clients!

Educating your customers in kitchen cabinetry 101

The Basics

What materials are commonly used? Your customers will probably know wood, but apart from that they may be puzzled. Besides wood you can explain that kitchen cabinetry is also constructed from:

  • Particleboard
  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Plywood
  • Laminate
  • Melamine
  • Thermofoil

When you explain cabinetry to your customers, they may only understand that a cabinet is a structure you store things in — so introduce them to a whole new world of kitchen cabinetry!

First, explain the four basic types of kitchen cabinetry such as:

  • The base - A base cabinet is a standard size of 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall. Anything that strays from these measurements becomes semi-custom or custom kitchen cabinets.
  • The wall - Wall kitchen cabinetry is a shallow, with a depth of 12 inches.
  • Tall - Tall kitchen cabinets are more similar to a closet and can be used as a pantry or cleaning supply area. These types of cabinets stand 83.5 inches in height.

Now that the basics can be explained (picture references always help), we can delve into more complex kitchen cabinet language and terminology!

Frameless hinges vs. face frame - Frameless kitchen cabinets provide a seamless, modern look that is also known as a “European” style kitchen cabinet, whereas the face fram is traditional because most of construction uses a framed structure.

If you choose traditional face frame in kitchen cabinetry, you’ll have a selection of cabinet door options that include the following:

  • Full overlay - The surfaces of a full overlay are completely streamlined and continuous and the cabinet doors cover the frame and the full exterior. The cabinets all align creating a sleek, finished look.
  • Partial overlay - A partial overlay is common in older homes and it covers the entire opening entirely, while only partially covering the finished frame; it leaves a border instead of being streamlined.
  • Inset - Inset kitchen cabinets are similar to the full overlay, however, they are set within the face frame, instead of outside it. These are commonly used in cabinets lower to the ground.

Next, there are different styles of kitchen cabinet doors that include:

  • Recessed or shaker style cabinets - This style is very common and have a tiered inlay within the middle of the cabinet door. These clean lines are simple, classic, and at a great price point!
  • Raised style cabinets - This style is the opposite of recessed cabinets, and have a raised panel in the mid-point of the cabinet. This is a great option for easy-cleaning and effortless maintenance.
  • Beaded panel style cabinets - Of all the types of cabinet doors listed here, beaded panel cabinets are the most intricate. It begins with a recessed middle panel with intricate vertical woodworking lines. This style is very popular with shabby chic and cottage enthusiasts!
  • Slab cabinets - Slab doors are one solid piece with no woodworking stylings. This is the frameless type of cabinet and it is wonderful for minimalistic aesthetics and no-fuss cleanup!

The above information is suited best for explaining to clients the basics of kitchen cabinetry! Before meeting with them, shoot them this link or have a copy they can consult!

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