Recent Update: 8/1/17 - Denver Cabinet Express

Recent Update: 8/1/17

Published : 08/02/2017 10:49:27
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Recent Update 8/1/17:

• Assembly charges modified

Base/Wall: $20

Tall/Big/Drawer: $40

Roll-Out Tray: $12

These charges were increased due to increased prices nationwide by J&K.

• New door styles added and available for order now

H9 - Pearl Maple Glazed

S2 - Craftsman Almond Maple

• Hinge position selection removed

Colorado was the only state that allowed us to choose which side we wanted a door hinged and every other state  made the client change it on their own.  For ease of ordering and less chance of ordering errors, Colorado will need to modify their own hinge position now on the job site with a touch up kit like the rest of the world.

• With every update something sadly dies in the process.  Since we modified each catalog item (cabinet/trim/etc) any shopping carts saved were ultimately murdered.  With every new advancement, sacrifice must be made.  I am sorry.  

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