Tips To Organize Your Cabinets: Broad Organization

Tips To Organize Your Cabinets: Broad Organization

Published : 12/06/2017 10:12:57
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Whether you have a sprawling kitchen complete with a butler’s pantry, or a tiny gally kitchen in your 500 square foot apartment in Brooklyn. No matter how much storage space you have, kitchen cupboards can be like a black hole — where all utensils and gadgets disappear. The kitchen, and kitchen cabinets in particular, are the most used spaces in your home, so below are tips to organize your cabinets to keep your life flowing smoothly.

Without getting too complicated, start tackling your kitchen cupboards little by little; the organization can take place over time. Think in broad organization, and get more detailed as time allows.

When you begin, arrange cabinet items by use — naturally plates and cups are the most frequently used, so start there. Remove all items and give the cabinet a nice cleaning. This is the time, if you want to add a liner or a decorative paper, to go ahead and do so. Have in mind a plan of where you want everything to be; place items that are easy-to-reach on the lower shelves for children, and special occasion items can go higher.

After you’ve arranged the items that are used most frequently, you can now move to grouping similar object together. The most common items to group together are bakeware, entertaining items (cocktail mixers, shot glasses, stir sticks, and wine stoppers), and coffee components — grinder, brewing apparatus’, filters, and coffee beans.

Create a cook zone in the kitchen cupboards by the stove. Pots and pans can become disheveled and unorganized very quickly, especially if you have children or guests who seem to place them wherever they fit. To avoid disorganization, store pots and pans as close the the stove as possible, and do this according to their size. With large stock pots and pressure cookers, store them in a large drawer, and smaller sauce pans can be stacked and stored in a smaller space.

Do have a space in your cabinets where you seem to throw all the storage bags and aluminum foil? Group all of the films and foils together — neatly — and avoid the possibility of stacking them on top of each other; this is where they get disorganized very quickly.

For kitchen cooking utensils, store them in a drawer or in a canister that sits on top of the counter. If you store the items in the canister, avoid the stove top or near the stove, as the utensil and canister can get a grease buildup from your cooking if they’re too close.

Like films and foils, storage containers can easily be misplaced and lids lost to the abyss — always leaving a lone container. If you have a deep cabinet drawer, section it out into to three zones. Store the containers in in one section, the lids in another, and use the third one for overflow.

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